Monday, October 24

Good Eating Monday: Kitchen & Food Hacks

I haven't had a chance to any new recipes recently, so instead I'm going to share a Kitchen & Food Hack I've found really useful.I

A "hack" is a tip, method or solution for doing something more better or easily.

Quick Clean the Blender:
This is my #1 favorite tip I use all the time! It's made using a blender sooo much easier.
After using your blender, just fill it with warm water, add a little dish soap, give it whirl, let it dry and put away.

Keep Avocado's From Turning Brown:
This is the #1 reason I don't like buying Avocados--they turn brown too easily and, since I don't enjoy them so much I want to eat a whole one, they tend to go to waste.
But I found a solution on Pinterest and it actually works: 
1)  Leave the pit in unused portion. That pit helps keep it fresh.
(Something I didn't know, but still the onion help keep it a couple days even with pit removed.)
2) Place the unused Avocado half in a storage container with a chunk of onion, cover & store in frig.
Just like apples can help things ripen, onions apparently stymie the oxidation of Avocado flesh.

That's it for today! Do stop back Wednesday for Garden Pics!

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GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

Ohhh! I didn't know that about onions!

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