Thursday, October 27

Mama Kat Thursday: Pirate Zombie

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt for today was to turn a photo of myself into "something spooky" using the Halloween tools & effects at an online photo shop, like Pic Monkey.

I prefer to use, instead of, since I'm a Ribbet member. I used their tools to "spook-ify" my photo.
The two companies offer fairly comparable services and they share an interesting back story, one I happen to know:
Once upon a time there used to be one fabulous online photo shop called Picnik.
 I loved Picnik. Everyone loved Picnik. I was a member of Picnik for a couple years, but Picnik belonged to Google and Google decided they wanted to do something different with it.
 So, in 2012, Picnik was shut down.
There was much wailing and a desperate blank in the way of an online photo shop on that scale of easy-to-use excellence for a good while--a year, perhaps two.
Then "Pic Monkey" appeared, founded by "the same guys who created Picnik."
Then, a little later, quite separately, Ribbet appeared, "packed with all the original functionality of Picnik and built on the same platform that made Picnik great!"
Ribbet, at first, looked in every way identical to Picnik, but, since then, they've  expanded their features, both free & premium, their clip art and their font list, so Ribbet has totally outgrown what Picnik once was.
Plus they
 even sponsor a yearly Halloween photo editing contest with a cash prize that's going on right now until 6 November!
*Neither company is affiliated with Google or with one another.
Origin quotes come from each companies respective "About Us" page. I'm also not an affiliate for either Ribbet or Pic Monkey.
So, without further ado, here's my spook-ified photo: Pirate Zombie!

What's your favorite photo shop?

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John Holton said...


Trudy said...

I have never used Ribbet or Picmonkey. And never heard of Picnik. I suddenly feel out of the loop and ancient.

Carol said...

Very cool editing! Photo editing is one of my favorite things to do. I use Picmonkey, which I love. Check my photo editing job out on

kelley jensen said...

Nice photo--I'm glad you shared your story. I had no idea picmonkey had a sister company. I'll have to check it out.

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