Friday, December 16

Friday Finds: Easy Holiday Treats!

This week I'm featuring some Pinterest "finds" for fun & easy treats great for all those Holiday get-togethers!

Brownie Christmas Trees!

Just need a box of brownie mix, green food coloring, one tub white icing, round and star shaped sprinkles and peppermint sticks!
(for the exact how-to, the the title is linked to the original blog post @ One Little Project at a Time!)

Change up this easy classic recipe with Holiday M&M's!
The blog author uses M&M's plus chocolate chips in her recipe, but I, personally, would just replace the chocolate chips with M&M's and not use both.
I also never use butterscotch chips in my Magic Bars.
(This recipe from the same blog as the Brownie Christmas Trees!)

Fruit Pizza!
For a slightly healthier treat, put together a fruit pizza---any fruit you like! 

Crust: Buy a roll of sugar cookie dough and press onto an oil sprayed pizza pan & bake as recommended on the package & cool completely.
Sauce: buy a tub of cream cheese frosting & spread generously on cool cookie crust
Topping: Decorate with fruits of your choice. Sliced bananas, slicecd fresh strawberries, drained mandarin oranges, fresh blueberries---whatever suits your fancy. 
Slice into wedges & serve!

Do come back for more Favorite Holiday recipes on Good Eating Monday!

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