Wednesday, April 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: Hoosier Spring Flowers!

We were in Indiana recently and I got some good shots of flowers from my Mother's garden!
So today's Garden picks are some "Hoosier" flowers from her garden! 
Tulips, which I can't grow in Florida, and something purple I have no idea what it is!

Happy Tulips:
Pretty red and yellow tulips tip their faces up, enjoying the sunshine! This is what tulips look like in full bloom. 
Since they're shown so often in photos closed, I think people assume that's how they look all the time, but that's like assuming a rose bud stays a bud. 
Even cut in a vase, tulip stems will continue to grow and take on all sorts of curved and twisted dimensions, their blooms seeking sunlight like a sunflower.

This second picture I don't know what it is, except it's a very pretty purple. 
It was in my Mother's garden bed near the air conditioner.

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