Wednesday, May 3

Garden Pic Wednesday: Sea Holly Texture!

I mentioned our A/C was out. It's fixed now. It needed a new coil. They put in a Trane brand coil and I hope their clever ad saying "You Can't Stop A Trane," is true!

I'm fairly behind on my garden & beds. It was cold so long this season. I am getting a nice bunch of blueberries from my two container blueberries--probably enough for some really nice muffins. The birds aren't bothering them, which surprises me, but they're on a completely different side of the house from the feeder.
I have 5 mounds in the garden for squash & melon; two were planted a week ago. Those seedlings have popped up. Today I planted two more mounds: one with a squash and one with melon.

Today's Garden Pic is one I just shot this afternoon while it was still sunny.It's a wonderful texture shot looking down into the middle of one of my Sea Holly's at the first bloom to turn color!

Sea Holly is a fun perennial that ranges from lavenderish-blue to very blue! It spreads underground and can be invasive, so if you if you plant it, plant where it can spread. The plant is mildly prickly, like any member of the thistle family.
 Stems of buds can be cut for the flower vase for a touch of texture!

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