Wednesday, May 31

Garden Pic Wednesday: White Day Lilies!

Today's Garden Pic for this last day of May is White Day Lilies!
Many of my hybrid lilies have names. These are called "Ladies Gloves."
They're a creamy white with yellowish centers.
Very profuse bloomers.

In Other Garden News: I was pleased to discover two of my birdhouses finally got used this year and I actually recently had to empty nest out of them!
They've been hanging out there for at least 3 years as empty real estate till this spring!
One was a Tufted Titmouse nest, which is built in a loose style with a lot of leaves mixed in. It wasn't very neat or tightly constructed. 
I also know it was Titmouse's in that birdhouse, because I found their feathered fledgling youngin' on the ground right below it, on his first day out of the nest. 
The other birdhouse had a Carolina Wren nest that was very delicately constructed first with a thick bed of moss topped with fine dog fur with a wee dent in the top to hold the eggs. It practically filled the small bird house to the top!

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