Friday, June 2

Friday Finds: Inspiring News!

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing nothing but bad news on the news media. So, I went looking for something better and found The Good News Network that features nothing but positive and inspiring news stories!

So, for Friday Find's today, I'm going to feature a few highlights from one of those inspiring stories:
(To see all the stories and read the details, visit the link above.)

Police officers see a man in a wheelchair trying to mow his lawn, stop and mow it for him!

Police officer finds homeless family sleeping in car in city park and puts them up in a motel!

Police officer made a 6-year old Autistic Boy's 
dream come true!

Police Officer stops at girl's lemonade stand and finds out she's trying to earn money for an iPad, since her family is financially struggling, and surprises her with a special gift!

I especially like positive police stories, because there's so many more good then bad stories out there.
If you'd like to read some inspiring news or more details on any of this stories, be sure to visit the Good News Network!

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