Tuesday, July 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Garden Guests

Today's Garden Pic is one of my small guests enjoying my Parsley!
This is one of 5 Black Swallowtail Caterpillars I currently have living in my herb container gardens. This one was sitting slightly upright, resting when I took the photo. Like all babies, all they do is just eat, sleep & poop.

This one, pictured, was the oldest and matured first. When I saw it running along the edge of the pot yesterday, I knew it was ready to find a location to cocoon, so I moved it to my Gardenia shrub.
 It selected a spot there and is currently it's on it's way to becoming a butterfly.
Knowing where they are is the secret to getting a really great photo, since they're still with their wings spread open while still fresh.

Two more are nearing maturity. I had to move them to other Parsley because the one in the photo is completely devoured. (Though, it will grow back! Parsley loves to be cut!)
One single large Parsley plant can host about 2 caterpillars to maturity.
I have a large Rue shrub, but that doesn't seem to be a first choice. I did move one of the small caterpillars to the Rue and may be moving the other young one there soon. The other Parsley I have are thin and small.

For host plants, Black Swallowtails like Dill, Parsley, Carrots and Rue as host plants.

It's been an extra busy Thurs & Fri, so no time for posts this week! Next post will be Good Eating Monday.

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