Wednesday, July 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: A Natural Mix

We've had a Box Turtle visitor in the back yard today. This is the 2nd time we've seen him. He only seems to pop out when it's raining and there's puddles everywhere. He has a pretty light bronze colored shell. Very distinctive. 
The first time we saw him, we put out some watermelon rinds for him and he devoured them!
Today, he popped out during a thundershower to wander about. We'd saved some rinds in the frig, so I quickly pulled out a couple and dashed out into the pouring rain to put them down for him.
He ate both. Clever fellow, he puts a foot on the rind so it won't move around while he's eating it!

Today's Garden pic is the plant array along the front walk in front of the climbing roses: Hosta Lillies, Vince, 4 O'clocks and Marigolds.
The Vinca planted itself and I love how nice it looks mingled among the Hosta leaves! It looks so natural! The 4 O'clocks and Marigolds I added, though both are from saved seed.
I planted one Hosta lily here several years ago, though I didn't expect much from it. This bed faces East, so it gets strong morning sun, but heavy shade as the sun moves to the other side of the house.
To my great surprise, this Hosta loves this location and has thrived!  It's gone from one to about a half dozen, I think. I keep spreading it out along the walk here.
The extra sunlight makes it's leaves a pretty light green and keeps it warm enough in late fall and early winter that it usually blooms again.

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