Thursday, July 27

Mama Kat Thursday: Three Hour Tour

The topic for Mama Kat today is to share the last time I took a boat trip.

Hubby and I have always been disinclined toward boats, but 16 years ago, when our Chaplain sponsor for our military singles Bible study group wanted to take them on a local "Pirate Cruise," we decided to go with them. 
It was a three-hour trip being run out of the Destin harbor by a husband and wife who owned a three-masted sailboat something like the one picture.

It was 2001, long before Pirates of the Caribbean was out, so the boat was nothing fancy. Just just a brown boat flying a jolly roger with a husband and wife in pirate garb.
There was seating along the sides and on the cargo-hold hatch lid in the middle of the boat. Hubby and I were sitting on this lid.We sailed from the Destin harbor, through the channel, out into the open Gulf, mild waves heaving us up and down.
Hubby and I were promptly sea-sick.
I mean completely green at the gills.
I can count the times in my life I've felt really bad and being sea-sick on this trip still tops my list.
I think I even took some Dramamine before hand and it did nothing but make me sleepy.

Luckily, the Captain's wife brought around some Ginger Snap cookies for anyone feeling under the weather as a cure.
I ate several Ginger Snaps---and suddenly felt amazingly better. 
Ginger snaps--- the miracle cure for motion-sickness!
After that, I found the trip a lot more enjoyable.
Dolphins swam in droves along side the boat. The Captain informed us of both interesting fact & law:
Dolphins can contract viruses from humans, so it's risking their lives to touch them. Besides that, in Florida, it's illegal to touch or feed wild Dolphins.
Then I witnessed a most wondrous sight:
I saw a HUGE Manta Ray leap straight out of the water, arch through the air, then plunge back in!
I didn't know they could do that!
(photo below of a Ray leaping is from web just to show you what I'm talking about.)

Apparently, this is common behavior among Rays. One of those things no one quite knows why they do.
Perhaps it's too simple to think they do it for joy because they can! 

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