Wednesday, February 22

Project Time: Recycling Old Cards

Today I'm showing you how I recycle old greeting cards:

 My friend, Megan, showers me with gorgeous, glittery "Papyrus" brand greeting cards. (Remember I love glitz!) They were just too nice to throw away. Plus I had this years and 2 previous years Christmas cards to sort through to decide what might be used for something else and what to throw away. Seems like we get an increasing number of photo cards and you know what? Those can't be recycled. Frankly, I rather have a regular card-stock card with a really nice picture and a photo inserted, mostly because I like re-using cards.

      This time, however, it was a pile of birthday, anniversary and just all occasion cards I wanted to recycle. The project required a box of card stock with envelopes from JoAnn's Fabrics. (In the stamping section.) I got a box of mixed bright colors and it required a couple glue sticks. I prefer rubber cement, but glue sticks is what I had on hand. And a pair of paper scissors.  Then I cut out a "template" using the back of a card, sizing it about 1/8 inch smaller then the card stock all the way around. Now I was ready to trace, then cut.

       I just placed the template over the part of the card picture I wanted to use, traced it, cut it out, applied glue stick all over to the edges, then placed it on a suitable color card stock. Ta-da. Done. I also happen to have a couple stamps on hand that say "Happy Birthday" & "Happy Anniversary," to stamp inside some of those cards.  Here's a photo of the assortment I made:

From The Drawing Board:
        My two Christian t-shirts, the "Pressing On" design and the "New Creature in Christ" design, have proven so popular, I've been expanding those designs to other products. Newest items are mugs. The New Creature in Christ mug is featured here. The "Pressing On" Philippians 3: 14 rock climber can now be found on mugs, too, in a couple styles. One mug design is like the t-shirt basically. The other mug is a one-sided design of the rock climber with the whole verse written out, in both a "righty" and "lefty" mug style. Those two tee designs were the first I posted and it seemed so hard figuring everything out, but now, I'm fairly practiced at shifting font designs around for various products and it soooo much easier!
       I've seen the shirts in person, by the way, and Zazzle does a high quality print job!

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