Thursday, October 19

Mama Kat Thursday: Don't Spook the Cat

The Mama Kat writing prompt today is on the topic of, "Write about the last thing that spooked...your pet."

This is our cat, Sunni.
She's exclusively an indoor cat.(Because fleas will bite Hubby and we can't have that)
Sunni is very companionable and has us well trained. She sits at the table with us for dinner, then runs to the bedroom and "calls" for one of us to come make a "cave" for her in a blanket, so she can get in it and be covered up.
Her one penchant is she doesn't like other cats. She doesn't even like seeing one walking around in her range of sight outside.
 Several neighbors have outdoor/indoor cats and they walk through my yard; sometimes even approaching the sliding glass door to peer within.
Sunni flattens as low as she can and watches them intently till they leave. If they get too close to the sliding glass door, she'll sniff loudly and growl and even yowl menacingly at them.

Currently, with the A/C off because of the nice weather, we have the screen door glass pane a quarter open, which exposes the screen allowing fresh air in. We also have a friendly neighbor cat who likes to come by for a little nibble of food and attention.
Cats are mooches like that; they're grazers who like to eat a little here and there all day and he's such a sweet boy. He's all black and and quite the talker.
Anyway, the other night he came to the door for some food and Hubby, as he often does, took a handful out for him.
Sunni heard him meowing and put her paws on the metal part of the door to look out the screen.
I could hear her sniffing and snorting as she stared outside at this black intruder.
Hubby was going to come back inside, so I picked Sunni up around the middle under her arms to lift her away from the door.
She was so focused on hating that other cat, my picking her up caught her by surprise, spooking the hiss and yowl she'd been saving up for the black cat right out of her.  
I set her feet down again and fur was still a touch ruffled with indignation over the other cat. She went under the coffee table to calm down for a few minutes.
Then, when she came out, she was her sweet self, like nothing had happened.
So what was the last thing that spooked you?

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Angie Ballard said...

Cats are so interesting! I'd love to actually know what they are thinking, since most tend to look like they are pondering the mysteries of the universe. Odds are they're just trying to figure out how to work the can opener with paws.

John Holton said...

Pretty kitty! Reminds me of our first one, except she was more white.

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