Wednesday, September 5

Garden Pic Wednesday: Hen & Chicks Flower

 It's been rainy over night, so it looks wet outside this morning.
Can't mow, but perhaps I'll be able to walk around and pick up the cones and branch clutter left over from Isaac's wind.
I have sad news about that Swallowtail Butterfly crystalis I had in a container to watch. It did hatch--about 3 days earlier then expected.
However, the wings didn't form properly. It was crippled.
I was heart-broken.
But I've seen that before in the insect world. It happens. I've seen it happen in the human world, too---I used to work in labor & delivery while I was in the Air Force---not all "butterflies" come out properly formed.
That things work that way now doesn't mean they ought to work that way.
I was reminded of Romans 8: 20-21 that says,
"For the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from it's slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God."
(the context of this passage relates to the return of Jesus.)
The Garden Pic of the Day for today is the beautiful coral colored rosettes of my Hen & Chicks succulent:

Coral is orange that has a pinkish tone to it.

When I worked at the flower shop people would often request "coral" colored roses, but the truth was, the wholesaler that sent our daily order of flowers was 50 miles away and a bunch a of men that didn't really know exactly what color coral was. So in answer to our order for "coral roses" we'd get roses ranging from true dark orange to orange on the red-side to tangerine to peachy-pink.
But color shading is so variable with roses, I don't think you can get a true shade of coral. 
Easier to find coral in paint, fabric and lipstick---and on Hen & Chick blossoms!

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Hilda said...

Oh no, poor butterfly. :(

LOL, they don't know what coral is? So cute!

Thanks so much for your message on my blog. It is a tremendous help. I got to remember to be patient. **many hugs

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