Wednesday, January 9

Wednesday Garden Pic: Dusty Miller Arrangement

I've had so many good comments about my "Blogging Tips" from last Thursday, which I appreciate!

There's so much bad news out there, I just like my blog to be a positive, up-beat reading spot.
This weeks Mama Kat Prompt will be a list of Top 10 personal highlights from 2012 and, to give you a hint, one of my highlights was taking a beading class last fall, which taught me how to make a necklace or earrings, etc.
 I finally put that to use recently and will be including a photo of the 2 necklaces I made using that skill.
I had some Christmas money I spent on getting the tools---which is the biggest investment portion of the hobby. You need 4 primary tools just to begin the craft.
My patient husband followed me around the beading area with the shopping basket at our local Michael's craft store for at least 40 minutes while I was deciding what pieces and parts to get for the 2 project necklaces I had in mind.
The most difficult part of the art is actually choosing the beads. 
My primary goal is to repair my existing costume jewelry and recycle anything broken into something new, if possible.

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is my new winter table arrangement:
This is a vase full of Dusty Miller, plus a couple Coleus stems that are rooting and an odd Hosta bloom I stuck in there so it wouldn't freeze outside. 
You can see it's got 2 white buds ready to pop open!
This will probably be on the table till February at least and, hopefully, a few of these Dusty Miller will also root.
Of course, I change the water and re-snip the stems regularly.
By early February I should be able to move anything with roots into small pots, then later into garden spaces.

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