Wednesday, February 20

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Garden Indoors

Sometimes the Garden has to be inside. Especially at this time of year when it's still chilly outdoors!
So for todays Garden Pics of the Day we first have: 
My tray of baby Roma tomatoes.

I have 7. I intended to plant 5, but a couple stray seeds fell
into the seed tray. If all survive, I'll be rolling in tomatoes,
though that doesn't usually happen.
Not just any tomato seed, these are nematode resistent, which I desperately need, here, where the soil doesn't freeze.
I read in Pinterest the other day that it's good for tomatoes to put finely crushed egg shells under them when you plant them, so I'm saving eggshells. Tomatoes like lots of calcium.

Next, a vase of assorted flowers I saved from a cold snap last Friday night:
The purple is a Dutch Iris, the yellow is a Black-Eyed Susan and the white clusters are Cheers Daffodils, which are clusters of tiny double-petal daffodils.
(My seed trays are on that island in the background.)
There's a second Iris blossom growing up behind the one you see. Home grown Iris, in particular, make a great vase flower! 
To get the best performance from Dutch Iris, even those you buy, is you want them to either cut them or buy them still closed with a fair amount of petal color showing above the green.

And lastly I have a picture of one of the new Hosta Lily plants I've ordered:

These are called "Filigree Hosta." White with green veins. Gorgeous, no?
Most of my existing hostas are plain green and I want to add
some color variation to my bed.
That's it for today! Back to organizing and packing stuff up for the new floor!

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