Wednesday, October 23

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Retaining Wall Project

With night-time temps are headed for the mid to upper 40's, that's might signal to bring the houseplants in! So that's what I was doing today as well as moving another layer and a half of blocks to the project area. I actually did two rows yesterday. (18 blocks per layer.)

So today's Garden pics are of our retaining wall project:
The pallet of red castle wall blocks in our driveway:
(The flowers in the background, zinnias and vincas, are looking nice!)

Next photo is the project area:
The house next door is was built on higher ground because there is a septic tank system under it, but a city sewer line was installed before the completion of the house, so they hooked up to that instead. That was like 30 odd years ago.
This area in the photo used to have a decorative retaining wall of landscape timber that we put in, which you can still see remnants of, but termites have nibbled it away over the past 24 years.
The side walk to our front door runs past this area.
The pine tree is on my side and the gray trunk you see is on other side of the property line.
The general plan is to level the ground in front of this bank, put down a 3 layer wall of blocks, then fill in the difference behind with top soil.
The benefit will be a visually enhanced and termite-proof and reduce mowing area.

The final results will look something like the wall below:
We did that about two and half years ago.
That wall took a whole pallet of block. This project will finished the remaining distance and needs only half the pallet.
The remaining quantity of blocks will be used for a separate landscape project in the back yard.

And Last, a closer shot of the pretty flower border beyond the pallet in the driveway from the first picture:

Be sure and come back for tomorrow's Mama Kat prompt!

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