Thursday, December 26

Friday Finds: Starry Night Parodies

This week, we've seen both "Saving Mr. Banks," and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Of the 2 films, Walter Mitty is by far the better, more charming and enjoyable movie.
Saving Mr. Banks, while well put together as a film, is a bit of downer, despite it's few amusing moments. It's mostly tragic.
Neither is for young children, especially not Saving Mr. Banks--not unless you want you little kids to have to watch a man dying slowly of tuberculosis.
Walter Mitty would be suitable for older children who might understand the positive message in the film which is: "to really live life, you sometimes have to leave your comfort zone and try new things."
Today's finds are few amusing re-interpretations of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that I saw pinned on Pinterest. 

Iron Man
Dr. Who
Have a very Happy New Year!

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Barbara said...

I love these! The Batman one is fun! Hope you have a great New Year.

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