Thursday, December 5

Mama Kat Prompt: Trending Bad

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is:
 "A trend you're not much a fan of."

This topic leads me directly to thinking of the television industry and several trends I'm definitely NOT fond of:

All the vampire stuff:
Blood, lust, killing and immortality as the living dead?I don't see anything virtuous in watching it and it doesn't hold any appeal.
Worse, the influence of vampire shows and movies has created a sub-culture of people trying to actually live like vampires, which I consider completely unhealthy.

Shows about fighting demons, such as Supernatural and Sleepy Hallow are misleading: 
They certainly misrepresent demons, angels and even the end times. Sleepy Hallow on Fox has fictionalized several concepts from Revelation, such as the "Two Witnesses," and, since they say they're quoting something from the Bible, I think people could be mislead into thinking this is correct information. In Sleepy Hallow, their "two witnesses" are two people chosen to fight demons to prevent the start of the apocalypse. 
 However, according to Revelation 11, the "two witnesses" are 2 special prophets who will prophesy to a world utterly opposed to Jesus with a show of assorted demonstrations of power, then, after their testimony is complete, are to be killed and left in the open on the street for 3 1/2 days while the world celebrates their demise with an exchange of gifts. Then after those 3 1/2 days they'll be resurrected to life again and ascend to heaven in a cloud.
That's pretty far from Sleepy Hallow's premise.

I hate all the shows glorifying adultery, such as Betrayal or Mistresses:
A good script entices the audience into almost magically bonding with favorite characters and rooting for them to succeed in their illicit relationships. But adultery is a sin. It's one of the 10 commandments not to do. I don't even find the idea entertaining, yet these shows have the power to influence behavior and thoughts that it's okay or even normal. Teens watch this stuff---what are they learning?

Anyway, that's some of my least favorite television trends!

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Donetta Sifford said...

I don't watch a lot of T.V. but I agree, especially with the hugeness of Twilight, the entire "vampire" shows, movies, books, and people are out of control. I do watch Supernatural and that's probably the only show I do watch on a regular basis. Highly misleading far as demons and angels. I just enjoy the plot line and Same and Dean. I don't understand what it is in people that want to get on t.v. and broadcast adultery or being a mistress, so I'll never understand the public wanting to watch it. Great post!

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