Wednesday, January 8

Garden Pic Wednesday: Christmas Cactus

Oh, man, a outside faucet in pipe on the north garage wall burst around 10ish this morning---just shortly before I walked out the door intending to go to my Zumba class. I got to the car only to see a flood of water streaming down the driveway!Funny thing was my husband went into the garage before he left at 8:30 and everything was fine, then I went in there sometime after 9 to get my gym stuff and it was fine then, too.
As soon as I saw the water I knew what it was---I ran back into the house and into the garage to see a spray of water shooting across the room. I dashed through the spray to the garage door, threw it up so all the water on the floor could escape more easily.
Luckily, our garage floor is strongly slanted toward the driveway, so the garage can't flood and only the front end of the garage was wet. My shelf I keep all my garden stuff on was soaked and I lost a few card-board boxes, but that's it.
This pipe has burst before, since it's in an uninsulated outer wall. That was about fifteen years ago and was repaired with a metal junction piece to reconnect the rubber piping. It blew a hole through the sheet-rock, which is conveniently still there, so the pipe can be easily accessed from inside the garage.
This time I think we'll have it tapped off, since it's location without insulation or heat will always mean trouble in a cold spike.
The other outside faucet on the west end of the house where it's in a heated and insulated section of wall plus it gets warm western sun all day!
The water is entirely off right now at the main and we're currently waiting for our plumber. We're 4th on their list. I guess we're not the only ones with a burst pipe today!
My husband returned home promptly after I called and said he saw a neighbor around the corner with flowing water on their driveway, too. So we drove over to look, then my husband knocked on the door to make sure they knew. They did. It was their sprinkler system pipes and they'd just shut off the water supply. My hubby gave them our plumber's number. 
The fitness center we belong to also sent an email this afternoon that a pipe in their fire sprinkler system burst and now they're closed till it gets fixed.
It's a bad day all around for everyone.

Anyway, I have a lovely pic today of my white Christmas Cactus that opened for first bloom Christmas morning!
It was so pretty in the first rays of morning sun!

Come back tomorrow for more Winter yard photos for Mama Kat!

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