Thursday, January 23

Mama Kat Thursday: Crowd Pleasing Spaghetti

Mama Kat prompt topic for this week is:
"Share a recipe that everyone in your family loves."

I have a bunch of Air Force kids over for dinner and Bible study Sunday evenings, so I'm going to go with what they love: I have to say it's my spaghetti.
My friend, Megan, who usually comes on Sunday's, happened to be out of town this past week when I made it.
Her email this morning was, "ooooooh, I missed the spaghetti!!!"

What's my secret?  Well, it's the sauce.
I use Glen Muir Organic.
I used to use the cheaper canned Hunts or Del Monte, but they were giving my husband terrible gas, so I tried the Muir Glen Organic and no more gas. So, that's what I stick with, but let me tell you, this sauce is so deliciously seasoned already, it doesn't need any extra seasoning to spruce it up. (unlike the Hunts & Del Monte)
If I make meatball subs, I just simmer the meatballs in a couple of jars of Glen Muir straight up.
It costs a bit more, but it's so totally worth it!

I also like my spaghetti sauce chunky with healthy goodness, so before adding the sauce, I saute up some onions, bell peppers and sliced baby portabella mushrooms. This week I had celery to use up and a couple broccoli heads from the garden, so they went in, too.
For meat, I like Jimmy Dean's Turkey Crumbles. They're already cooked, ready to just dump in.
Then 4 jars of Glen Muir.

Along with the spaghetti, I always serve garlic bread and a healthy salad.
For the garlic bread: I buy fresh bakery baguettes at the store, slice them up, spread with lite butter mixed with minced garlic, wrap in foil and heat.
For the salad: I slice up fresh Romaine and add matchstick carrots, halved grape tomatoes, chopped apple (or whatever seasonal fruit I have on hand) plus a couple tablespoons of feta cheese & sliced almonds.
This week Red Lettace and Romaine were both 89 cents a head, so I got one of each and mixed them together, since I love the color of Red Lettace!
Thanks for stopping by!
Come back tomorrow for Valentine finds!

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