Thursday, May 29

Mama Kat Thursday: Funny Auto Correct

The Mama Kat Thursday topic for today is: "Share a recent text exchange that made you laugh."

I think I'd freak out if someone told me I had to start texting.
That would mean having to start carrying a phone with me everywhere. I would hate that.
Personally, I don't text. I have a phone so dumb, it flips open like a Star Trek communicator (which in itself is geek-cool).
Every key has 3 letters one would have to tap through to write anything, even if I wanted to. Which I don't.

That said, I did see funny sequence of texting in the recent movie, "Mom's Night Out."
The film is about a woman named Heather, who is desperate for some grown-up time away from her kids and her house and invites her two friends, Izzy and Sondra, for a dress-up night on the town at a fancy restaurant, while Heather and Izzy's husbands baby sit the kids.
Unfortuantely, the ladies arrive at the restaurant only to find out there's been a misunderstanding in the reservation date so they're there on the wrong night. No fancy food.
So, they end up at the bowling alley down the street and funny chaos ensues.

The funny texting sequence occurs during the opening sequence of the movie as Heather describes her friend, Sondra, who is the pastor's wife played by Patricia Heaton,
"as being unable to manage her auto-correct."
So Sondra's standing in the church doorway, frantically punching at her phone, appalled with each auto-correct she sees, which also appear as subtitles on the screen for the audience to laugh at.
The best one was "chicken poodle poop."
It has hilarious.
What's your best auto-correct blooper? (that's decent to share)

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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

I admire the fact that you still have a Star Trek flip phone...sometimes I wish mine wouldn't have kicked the bucket because it means I was thrown into the world to texting! Ugh!

~stopping by from Mama Kat's

kelley jensen said...

I agree, that auto correct is always putting the worst words in my mouth :D fun post today. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

Jerralea said...

Yeah, I've never liked auto correct either. It never comes close to what I wanted to say.

Mom's Night Out sounds like a fun movie.

Kathy said...

I've got the autocorrect turned off on my phone because I just couldn't stand it. I know how to spell; don't put words in my mouth! I have to admit that I love my smart phone and could probably never go back. I'm visiting from Mama Kat's too :)

May said...

When my friend texts me the word "I" in any of her texts, her auto correct changes it to "Big". So, it looks like she speaks of herself in the third person and thinks she is either a rapper or a mobster.

Mama Kat said...

That movie sounds hilarious! Luckily I've caught most of my auto correct blunders...I don't think I could function on a star trek flip phone anymore. Too much entertainment to be had on these smart phones!

Andrea Ryan said...

Have you ever seen the site ""? So, so funny. Like, tears flowing, can't breathe kind of funny.

Rachel (Wit and Wanderings) said...

Before we came to South Korea, I was using a flip phone. Now, I only have the landline. What!?

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