Thursday, June 12

Mama Kat Thursday: A Good Laugh

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is: "What was the last thing that made you laugh?"

My big laugh this week came from making a friend of ours, Evan, laugh.
Now Evan is one of the young Air Force guys who attends our weekly Tuesday Bible Study at the Airman Center on base.
He's a clean-cut, straight-laced Christian guy of about 22. He doesn't swear, smoke or drink. He's an expert on everything mechanical in a vehicle. That's his job in the Air Force as well as just something he loves to do. 
He's also really into fitness and lifting weights, so if you could turn Hugh Jackman blonde and shorten him to 5-6, he'd be Evan. 
But the most notable thing about young Mr. Evan is his laugh.
He loves to laugh. He's even proud of his laugh. It's a boisterous, loud, explosive laugh that rises to a shrill crescendo that everyone can hear from every room in the Airman Center!
He just recently came back from a six-month deployment, so there's a bunch of new people at the Airman Center who've never heard Evan's shrill peel of laughter.
I can see it in their eyes as they hear it, wondering whether this guys is for real or not and I say,
 just Evan. That's how he laughs. You'll get used to it."

While he was deployed, Evan happened to hurt his wrists so he couldn't lift weights. Instead, he did Cross Fit, so he came back 20 pounds thinner, especially in the shoulders and chest.
 (Not that he was ever over-weight, but neither did he deny himself eating whatever he wanted, so he wasn't lean. But he came back really lean looking.)
It was this new thinner look upon which our funny conversation centered:
 On Tuesday nights, everyone mills around the Airman Center kitchen/dining area eating pizza and talking before Bible Study officially starts.
 I happened to be in the kitchen when Evan walked in. I was just standing in front of the pizza arranged on the counter as he perused the selection and started loading slices on a plastic plate.

We traded "hellos," then I said to him,
 "You know, Evan, I don't think I'll ever get used to there being less of you." He burst into a chortle of laughter.
Then I added,
 "If you go away again, you'll just disappear."
He fairly exploded with more laughter.
And I laughed, too. But what I enjoyed most was that I made Evan squeal with laugher.
There was a time in my life when I didn't have such a good sense of humor, but over time I've aged very nicely into a fine, dry sense of humor.
So, that's my laugh for the week.

What's yours?
(In 2016, Evan got orders to Alaska. We'll miss his joyous chortle."

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May said...

People with infectious laughs are such a boy.

Mama Kat said...

Little brings me more joy than finding a way to make someone laugh. Such a great feeling!

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