Wednesday, August 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: Black Swallowtail Pupa & New Pampas!

  I have a rare privilege this week to know where one of my Swallowtail Caterpillars is to observe his transition and await his arrival as a butterfly in about 9 to 11 days!
My hubby just happened to be outside when the caterpillars on the parsley in a pot on the patio decided they were ready to take off to hide & change. I put those 3 on my leafy gardenia topiary.
This one is the only one I was able to see easily, as he put himself on an outer branch, where I saw him before he actually changed. Once they change, the pupa looks like a small leaf and is very hard to spot. (These are actual photos I took.)
I have a red yarn tied on the branch it's on, so I know where to look, since I check it daily.

Other pics today:
My first blooms of  beautiful Silver Pampas:

And A View Down My Front Walkway:

My native day lilies are currently blooming again. They do so yearly. I think it's the Florida climate. 
You can also see my pretty Hen & Chicks in the strawberry pot. They are also coming into bloom.
So, what's your favorite butterfly? 
That's it for today!  Stop by tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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Kathy said...

That is so cool! I hope that you manage to be around when it actually emerges from the cocoon; imagine the pictures you'd get!

I miss having my own yard and garden since moving into my apartment but try to enjoy my balcony as much as I can ;)

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