Garden Pic Wednesday: Black Swallowtail Pupa & New Pampas!

  I have a rare privilege this week to know where one of my Swallowtail Caterpillars is to observe his transition and await his arrival as a butterfly in about 9 to 11 days!
My hubby just happened to be outside when the caterpillars on the parsley in a pot on the patio decided they were ready to take off to hide & change. I put those 3 on my leafy gardenia topiary.
This one is the only one I was able to see easily, as he put himself on an outer branch, where I saw him before he actually changed. Once they change, the pupa looks like a small leaf and is very hard to spot. (These are actual photos I took.)
I have a red yarn tied on the branch it's on, so I know where to look, since I check it daily.

Other pics today:
My first blooms of  beautiful Silver Pampas:

And A View Down My Front Walkway:

My native day lilies are currently blooming again. They do so yearly. I think it's the Florida climate. 
You can also see my pretty Hen & Chicks in the strawberry pot. They are also coming into bloom.
So, what's your favorite butterfly? 
That's it for today!  Stop by tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!


Kathy said…
That is so cool! I hope that you manage to be around when it actually emerges from the cocoon; imagine the pictures you'd get!

I miss having my own yard and garden since moving into my apartment but try to enjoy my balcony as much as I can ;)

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