Wednesday, October 1

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red Magic Lily!

Today's Pic of the Day: Spider Lilies.
These bare, leafless flower stalks faithfully pop up all over the deep south every September. Also called,"Red Magic Lilies," they're members of the general Magic Lily family "Lycoris," which is part of the larger Amaryllis family.
I love them! This one was just opening when I took the picture!

I also spent today planting about 50 bulbs for spring: Mixed Daffodils & Woods Hyacinths.
Great naturalizers, I planted them through-out the woodsy area in back around the maple tree.

Also today: before and after shots of my new lighting fixtures:
The previous fixtures were 24 years old and in real need of replacing with fresh, energy efficient units!

First the old kitchen light and the new one:

And the new fixture in the garage:
It's still a 2 bulb unit, but with a cover now instead of just bare bulbs.

Now that I know who to call, I'll probably look into gradually updating a couple other fixtures & some ceiling fans over the next couple years.
That's it for today! Check back for what's up with Mama Kat tomorrow!

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