Wednesday, November 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: November Petunia's

It was cold last night--- near 24 degrees. For north Florida, that's chilly. Not when average daytime temps should be 70!
I put a clear Leaf bag over my bell pepper Monday and a foam cover on my only remaining outdoor faucet.
I already brought in all my little ceramic cats from my pots a couple weeks ago---I learned my lesson last winter about exploding ceramic!

So Garden Pic of the Day is a recent picture of a cheery pink Petunia to brighten your winter!

This pot is located near my front door and gets southern sun all day. That's why stuff in will will survive Florida winter.
It's funny--a few days after I took this picture, I added a couple Pansies to this pot and discovered these petunias didn't have much root base. This lovely green broke off and I couldn't find any roots.
Luckily, in another pot, I still had one last pink Petunia that had regrown fresh leaves and was looking pretty healthy, so I moved that to this pot to replace the one you see in the photo.
I threw a kitchen towel over that pot just now to help it weather the night.
My petunias often lay-low in a pot outside all winter, tucked low, not blooming, then explode into vibrant bloom in spring!
How's winter at your end?

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Spazington said...

After the last cold night I woke up to almost all my plants dead! I guess it really is winter!

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