Wednesday, August 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: Blue Balloon Flowers!

I feel a change in the air already--the feel of autumn!
I mowed the back yard today and it was so nice outside. Warm, but with a dry feel. Finally--not sweltering!

For Garden pictures today, I have 3 things:
First: A Balloon Flower blooming in front of my blue ceramic cat:

This Balloon Flower is one of about a dozen I raised from seed I saved last fall and planted various places. I put one in each pot that sits in front of the Pampas grass out front. This one looked so sweet blooming in front of the ceramic cat! That ceramic cat looks beat up because the deep freeze of the 2014 Arctic Vortex it sort of blow apart, but since it's yard art, it's okay if it looks a little rugged.
Balloon Flowers are a terrific, compact perennial that bloom all season. I prefer the blue, because I collect blue garden flowers, but it also comes in white.

Next: My fully bloomed out Pink Pampas:
A couple weeks ago I had a bloom of the first couple plumes, but here she is in all her autumn glory.

Finally: A photo of a Red Camellia I took during that same 2014 Arctic Vortex freeze that I've designed into a Christmas greeting card:
It was peeking out from under a ice-frosted leaf when I took the shot, one of those gorgeous kind of Camellias that look like a huge red carnation. 
For the card, I added frosty snowflakes and the words, "Let It Snow."  Inside message can be customized.

Just one of many Holiday greeting cards I've been working on!
You can visit my store to see more!
That's it for today!
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