Wednesday, September 23

Garden Pic Wednesday: Fall Garden!

In Florida, it's possible to have both a spring and fall veggie garden. You have to grow different things, but still--gardening is an option twice a year. 
I grew up in the north, so getting into the groove with this is something has been a process.
Florida winter weather is perfect for cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, cilantro, romaine lettuce and some kinds of beets.

So, planting my winter veggie bed is something I did today:
I'm using this bed, which runs along the house for rows of beets & Romaine lettuce. (You can see my pepper plant in the lower front corner of the photo still going and that upside down milk carton is for deep watering it.)
To prep the area I removed a bucket's worth of surface soil, then dug in garden soil & fertilizer.
(I used Park Seed that I'd ordered.)

I actually meant this bed to be a strawberry bed and there are a smattering of strawberries in it, but they like the other end. They don't like this end of the bed. So, since it's basically vacant, why not garden in it?
Plus, since I can see it as I go in and out of the house easily, it helps me pay good attention to it. I've found "out of sight, out of mind," isn't a good thing when it comes to gardening! 
Other winter crops currently planted in various containers on the patio include green onions, a few more beets & whatever carrot seed I had left. 
I'll probably buy some broccoli plants and plant them in this bed as well, further down.
If you're wondering what the row of grassy greenery is, that's my fancy, special colored day lilies. Most are done, but some may yet re-bloom this fall. We'll see.
That's it for today! 

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