Thursday, December 17

Mama Kat Thursday: Frozen

Not the movie. Reality.
The Mama Kat blog post topic today is "Write a post inspired by the word "Frozen."
In January of 2014 we had a deep freeze here in north Florida.
Everything was coated with ice and heaped with ice crystals that looked like snow. Roads were closed. Schools closed. Kids and adults got out their cardboard boxes and giant black trash bags to use to "sled" down the high arched bridge between Okaloosa Island and Destin that was frozen solid.
After all, no one owns sleds in Florida?
I ran outside with my camera to capture frozen vegetation around my yard:

Here's a shot of my ice-coated Hens & Chicks:
You'd think being frozen would kill them, but nope. They just thawed out and kept going.
So did all my iced-over herbs. They just thawed out, unfazed.

The Cedar tree out front got thoroughly iced:

Finally, a shot of some red cabbage I had growing that year thick with ice-crystal "snow":

It was pretty amazing! I kept having to run back in the house to warm up because my fingers kept getting so cold taking pictures!

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Jerralea said...

Wow, basically hen and chicken plants can live forever!

I spent my teen years in Florida. We had a killing frost once but no snow or ice crystals that looked like that. I would have tried sledding on cardboard, too.

Mama Kat said...

Wow that is amazing!! I'm glad everything survived in tact!

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