Wednesday, January 6

Garden Pic Wednesday: Spring In Winter

I'm little better today. Sitting is a bit more comfortable, but still I can't stay here all that long.

Today's Garden Pic is a December photo from just before Christmas of my front bed where I have some "garden art" pots filled with either Hens & Chicks or Chinese Stonecrop:

All that clover-looking stuff is Shamrocks. How they came to be here I don't know. They just moved in here one spring many years ago and here they remain. They are a most charming grown cover and I try to spread clumps of them around to other shady beds.
The pink flowers are Vinca's. I like those because the reseed themselves abundantly.
And the wispy, grass like leaves among the Shamrocks to the left are Dutch Iris leaves. All
 the spring bulbs have their greenery up at this time of year.

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