Wednesday, February 3

Garden Pic Wednesday: New Edging & Rainy Day Photos

It rained today. The same system that's bringing snow across the Midwest had it's tail end down here, dropping rain along the Gulf Coast in a blustery thunderstorm.

A yard project Hubby and I got to last weekend was adding this edging along our sidewalk:

It's an interlocking, poundable edging that comes in individual pieces that just slide together. Nice, neat, easy to use. 
My spring plans for this area is to add some bags of topsoil along the edging and grass plugs, but I do need to dig around and clip out some of the pine root density of small over-lapping roots.The pine roots just steal all the water.
The edging is there to help control run-off and erosion and I could see with today's rain how much that helped!

Next: A side-by-side set of photos of what a hard, fast rain looks like in my back yard:
Keep in mind this rain fall amounted a total of .7 inches worth of rain. That a tiny fraction of an i nch. It just came down fast off and on for 120 minutes.
So, here's what my rain garden looked like during the downpour at 1 p.m. and how it looked 2 hours later, at 3:

A majority of the rain water drains to this back corner, which is why I build this rain garden to begin with. It's where it's going anyway. 
That's it for today!

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