Wednesday, June 1

Garden Pic Wednesday: Summer Flowers

Today I worked on the flower bed that's just above the veggie garden, weeding out weedy pesky tuffs of grass, laying down newspaper among the rows of flower stems, then mowing and scattering the mulch over the paper.  Here in Florida, where it's so hot and can run dry, a mulching helps retain moisture in the soil.
I also noticed nematode damage on the Roma tomato and cut away that stem portion, saving what green tomatoes it had. (Tomatoes are one fruit that will ripen in the house!

Today's Garden Pics:
Lots of summer flowers means nice vases of garden bloom for my table:
This vase has blue hydrangea, gladiolas & black-eyed susans!

Other Summer Blooms:
Here we have pretty Fushia colored 4 O'Clocks blooming next to a 
thistle-like Sea Holly!  They make an interesting texture together!
I keep meaning to snip some of the Sea Holly for my vase! 

And My Favorite 4 O'Clock: Limelight!
It has citron green leaves and dark Fushia flowers!
I want to save seed from the Limelight 4 O'clocks this year,because here in the land of constant green, they make a striking contrast in the flower beds! 

That's it for today! Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow to see what memory from College I come up with!

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