Thursday, October 6

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Things I Love About My Job

Today's Mama Kat blog prompt is, "10 Things I Love About My Job."
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My office is my home.
 I can get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen, walk down to the den, sit at my computer and I'm "at work."
What I do at is graphic design.
I used to be a florist, but general changes in management and
 being allergic to a new floor motivated me to get out of that.
So I decided to put my graphic art degree to work and set up a free on-line "store" with a printing company called Zazzle. I create designs for various Zazzle products. They handle everything else.

10 Things I Love About My Job
1)  I don't have to go anywhere.
2)  I don't have to have special "work clothes."
3) I can set my own hours and work when I want.
4)  It fulfills my need for a creative outlet.
5)  I can choose what I create and just create what interests me.
6)  I have every Holiday off. At the flower shop, we had to be there for every Holiday.
7) I can go on vacation anytime now--even Holidays! 
8)  Peace and quiet. My fellow florists at the flower shop were always yammering and back-biting about the management.
9)  Best of all--no customers yelling at me or griping at me or swearing at me or other horrible things I experienced at the flower shop.
10)  I can just do art. 
If you'd like to visit my Zazzle store and see some of things
 I do, go here!

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May said...

This sounds like an ideal set-up for an introvert such as myself. I am feeling a twinge of jealousy!

John Holton said...

I should have looked for a job like that. I'd probably still be able to work.

KatBouska said...

Wow! That sounds like the coolest job ever, good for you!!

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