Thursday, October 13

Mama Kat Thursday: This or That Halloween

The Mama Kat prompt today is called a "This or That Halloween," based on a selection of 10 questions on a selection of topics related to Halloween, whether I would choose, "this" or "that."

1)  Chocolate Candy or Fruity?
Are you kidding? I despise sweet tarts or sour pops or jelly beans. Even candy corn. Give me chocolate or give me nothing.

2)  Witches or Vampires? 
I'd take Witches because the costuming is more varied. There are so many famous movie Witches to choose from with some even being "good"
 witches like Glinda, the Good Witch from the North in Wizard of Oz.
3)  Trick or Treat?
Well, Treat, of course. Preferably chocolate. 

4)  Halloween Party or Scary Movie?
I don't watch scary movies, so a fun Halloween Party would be my choice. One with lots of chocolate.

5)  Skeletons or Zombies?
Skeletons, because skeletons are basically real, since we all have one. Plus they don't eat people.

6)  Trick or Treat or Hand-Out Candy?
I wouldn't mind Trick or Treating, but I think most people would frown on a costumed grown-up without any kids coming to their door asking for candy.  I like handing-out candy and seeing the little kids costumes.

7)  Hay Ride or Corn Maze?
Oh, Hay Ride please, definitely. I've been in shrub-type mazes and I don't find it much fun being in a place where I can't see any reference points in order to find my way out.  It's much more fun sitting on prickly bales of straw in a wagon being towed around by a tractor.

8)  Scary Costume or Funny Costume?
I'd rather be a Clown, then a Monster, but really I tend to like iconic costumes like being a Pirate (Jack Sparrow genre) or a Super hero or something of that sort.

9)  Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie?
I love both, but I'm more likely to eat pie. I rarely buy pumpkin seeds.

10)  Bottle Feed a Baby Zombie or Walk Alone In a Dark Forest?
I'd take the forest, but again, forests are real. Zombies aren't.
Can't suspend my sense of reality on that.

11) Bats or Black Cats?
I love cats, so taking a furry, purring kitty over a bat is hardly a contest.

12)  Pumpkin Spice or Hot Chocolate?
Oh, I'd take Hot Chocolate because it actually tastes like chocolate!
 Pumpkin spice does NOT taste like pumpkin; pumpkin spice is  just a blend of ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & cloves created for the convenience of having one spice bottle to make pie with instead of 4.
If I want the taste of cinnamon, I just shake cinnamon in my coffee grounds before I make it.

13)  Celebrate in Your Neighborhood or at the Mall?
My neighborhood is dead on Halloween, so, if I was desperate for a celebration location, I'd probably go to what we call, "The Commons," over in Destin, which is kind of a mall,  It's an outside mall full of stores, boutiques & eateries.
Usually, though, I stay home and wait with my basket of candy---just in case there might be a one or two trick or treaters!

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Gem said...

I always find it interesting reading about people's Halloween rituals. It's not hugely celebrated over here, though it's slowly growing in popularity. I completely forgot the other year and only remembered when the knock and dreaded "trick or treat!" came. I live up such a massive hill people don't normally bother. Anyway I apologised profusely to the "Elsa" at my door and handed her a pack of biscuits - they weren't even chocolate! Just plain. I felt so bad! Haha!

Carol said...

Chocolate is always my first choice, too! Seems like trick-or-treaters are hard to get unless you live in a neighborhood. We are lucky to get a couple of kids, too. If they only knew the extra special treat that awaited them....! Thankfully I have grandkids to treat. Happy Halloween!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Great answers! I'm totally with you on most of these except hay rides stress me out.

KatBouska said...

I think the only thing I would change would be the Pumpkin Spice Latte versus Hot Chocolate. I'm PSL all the way!

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