Friday, December 2

Friday Finds: Easy Holiday Table Decor Ideas

For Friday Finds this month, I'll be sharing a series easy Pinterest ideas for table decorating or holiday treats!

Today: Easy Holiday Table Decor!
You're having guests and you want an easy pretty holiday table center decorations?
First, let me tell you the rule-of-thumb regarding table centerpieces: 
Never taller then 12 inches. 
You don't want your guests having to figure out how to lean around stuff on the table to talk to guests sitting across from them!
Save the taller decorations for the buffet!
(The candelabra shown in this photo is too tall, by the way.)

Decorating Idea #1: Fresh Flowers

 *  Set a few fresh flowers in short glasses or vases and arrange them down the center of your table. I'd choose easy-to-manage, long-lasting flowers like carnations or daisies available in holiday colors inexpensively at Walmart or a grocery store. Fill your glass container with warm tap water & snip flowers so heads will be just above the rim of your vase or glass.
 *  You can even poke in a little tree greenery, if you have a fresh Christmas tree. Sometimes Christmas tree lots will either give away or sell for a small free leftover trimmings.
*  Scatter white or holiday colored pillar candles among your mini-arrangements!

Decorating Idea: Mints & Votive Candles
 *  Use clear Mason or Ball jars and half fill them with unwrapped red & green peppermints. Set a votive candle in a clear glass votive candle holder on top of mints in each jar, then tie the top of jars with pretty holiday ribbon and arrange on table.
*  Scattering a little real or artificial Christmas greenery could be optional, if you wish.

(Don't put a bare candle on mints; they melt.)

That's it for today! See you for Good Eating Monday!

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