Thursday, February 23

Mama Kat Thursday: Chocolate Memories!

I think everyone in my family loves chocolate. It was a regular feature of our lives. Certainly not all the time, but chocolate cakes  were popular requests for birthdays and there was chocolate pudding cake with oven meals sometimes, but the BIG chocolate event every year was Christmas!
Except one Christmas.
Mother was watching her weight at TOPS and so declared a "no chocolate" Christmas.
(You can read that story here.)
What resulted was the most extravagant chocolate year ever!!
Everyone thought, "Oh, I'll just buy a little," then there we were with a stack of Russell Stover boxes.
Russel Stover also makes theWhitman Sampler. We had one of those, but the beauty of Whitman Samplers is they tell you what you're getting. There's a list in the box identifying every chocolate.
Mostly we had big Monopoly-game size boxes of the more enigmatic regular Russell Stover's chocolates, which have no list, so you have to just take your chances.
My Mother, myself and my sisters were particularly fond of the coconut creams, so we'd hover over those Russell Stover chocolate's, trying to see who could find the coconut creams.
Mother seemed very lucky at it. 
I remember we debated over whether the decorative pattern on the top of each chocolate might have hidden clues as to which might be the sought after coconut creams.

Also desirable were the nut chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate creams and the caramels.
The nougats were tolerable.
But us kids despised all the other odd filling flavors: the pink strawberry creams, the vanilla butter creams, and especially the nasty brown maple nut creams. Seemed to me there were more of those then the good stuff.
So, sometimes in the search for a delicious chocolate with a yummy filling, you'd end up with something to go spit in the trash.

What was funny, is one of my sisters (and I'm not saying which one) devised a devious method for getting around this little problem.
She'd secretly pick up chocolates, poke a finger into the bottoms just far enough to see what was inside, then, if wasn't a desirable filling, she'd put it back in place.
I never saw her doing this.
I only know the rest of us starting finding every chocolate in the box with finger holes punched in their bottoms.
That still makes me laugh to remember.

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John Holton said...

One of my brothers would do the same thing.

Mary Norton said...

Your Sister was indeed very creative.

Kimberly said...

I would do the same thing! HAHAH!!! I didn't like the cherry ones. How funny is that?!

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