Friday, March 3

Friday Finds: Green Flowers!

Since I used to be a florist, I thought for "Friday Finds" today, I'd introduce you to varieties of "Green Flowers," you can request in a bouquet for St. Patricks Day, whether for table arrangement or a gift of wrapped flowers!
Green flowers do run a wide variety of green shades ranging from dark to light, including a lime tone citron.
I've organized these from least expensive to more expensive.
These are all naturally green in color. None are dyed.

Green Button Mums:

Fugi Mums:



Bells of Ireland:

Green Hypericum 
Nickname is "Coffee beans" in floral business. These are actually St. John's Wort berries.

Green Hydrangeas
A pricier option, these are young heads that haven't colored yet.

Green Anthuriums
If you want something more expensive & tropical

Green Roses:
Also a pricier option, these are usually a citron green that can range darker to lighter, depending on rose variety.

Now you know what you can ask for in your next St. Patrick's Day bouquet!

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