Mama Kat Thursday: First News Story I Cared About

       The Mama Kat topic for today is:
 " How old were you? Share one of the first news stories you remember caring about."
I was 7, almost 8 in November 1963 when the news broke that John F. Kennedy had been shot.
I can't remember watching the news.
I don't even precisely remember how I understood the President was dead.
What I do remember is the palpable sense of sadness that seemed to roll over me like a wave, even as the whole of the US reeled in shock and mourning.
Their new young hope was gone.

 I was told in a college sociology class that every generation of kids is effected by some significant event.
For me, it was the assassination of John F. Kennedy.



I was only 3, so I don't remember it at all, but I remember when Bobby Kennedy was shot. I was 7 and remember seeing someone holding his head, blood pooled on the floor underneath it. It's an image I've never forgotten.

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