Garden Pic Wednesday: Newest Plant Additions!

 Disney is closing down their "Pirates of the Caribbean On-line Game" effective Sept 19, 3013.
 Until then, all play is unlimited. So, if you'd like to play free, you have a month to do so.
We used to like to play, but Disney just stopped putting anything new into it over a year ago and it stopped being fun for our higher level characters. 
Sad, too, since I've had my pirate avatar character since the game started around 2007. 
I think Disney is more interested in their Marvel and Star Wars franchises at this point and Pirates of the Caribbean is somewhat old hat now, even if another film gets done and I don't know if that's certain. Last I read, Depp has grown discouraged about recent film projects lack of success and suggested leaving acting altogether might be in his future. 

Today's Garden Pics are of two most recent garden additions:
A Stokes Aster & Ponytail Asparagus Fern.
(Photos here aren't mine)
Stokes Aster's are blue and I collect blue-toned garden flowers, so that's why they held my particular interest. I bought one and divided it into 3 before planting. (The more the merrier, I say.)
 It likes full sun and I was told it likes to spready. Always good to know in advance. So, I put in spots where spreading will be a fine thing.
I've often looked at seeds, but it's so much easier to get a ready-to-go plant from a garden shop for some types of things.
Stokes Aster

My other recent purchase was a Ponytail Asparagus Fern, such this photo, for my shade rain garden I'm working on.
It's evergreen, has an upright habit and enjoys a soggy spot, but can handle drought without batting an eye. It's extensive root system is covered with small brown "bags" that store water.
I like it's upright look. The other type of Asparagus Fern drapes and looks best hanging over a wall or planter and my rain garden is a flat location.
When I look at this Ponytail Fern, it reminds me fondly of our trip to Disney World several years ago because I remember Disney used these plentifully in their "seascape garden" outside the Little Mermaid theater to create a look of "underwater plants."

Ponytail Asparagus Fern

And, as a side note, I have a new batch of Swallowtail Caterpillars on my parsley plants!
The Garden Shop where I bought the Ponytail happily showed me their flock of caterpillars on their parsley. They had a pot inside their shop, because, apparently Brown Thrasher birds will eat them.
Though, I haven't seen any Thrashers around my yard this year.
We also enjoy watching  the Hummingbirds fuss with each other over the feeder. We can see them from the living room out the back sliding glass door.
 I was pleased when I opened my garage door yesterday to see a female Hummer in the front yard, visiting my Zinnia's and Blue Saliva!
That's it for today!

Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat Thursday and see what the topic is!


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