Good Eating: Classic & New England Boiled Dinners

With the New Year approaching, it's customary with many to eat "lucky" foods. In the south, it's black-eyed peas, which is a type of bean. Elsewhere, it's cabbage.
I prefer cabbage myself. I like it cooked many ways, but especially enjoy it boiled, then served with butter, salt & pepper. 
Generally if I'm boiling cabbage, I'm boiling it with red potatoes & Hillshire Hardwood Smoked Chicken Kielbasa--and that's called a boiled dinner!
Boiled dinners are great "comfort food" in winter, are generally a "one pot meal" and they really take advantage of all those root veggies!  Use your favorites with cabbage, potatoes & any meat your prefer!
(The food photos, by the way, are from the internet & aren't my cooking ;) )

So today's Good Eating recipe is Boiled Dinners: both Classic & New England style.
Classic Boiled Dinner with potatoes, cabbage &
Classic Boiled Dinner
A Meat, such as Kielbasa, smoked or unsmoked boneless pork shoulder or corned beef
 Green Cabbage, quartered
Red Potatoes, halved
Optional: Carrots

How much depends on how many people you want to feed. One quartered cabbage feeds 4 people and I generally figure 1 1/2 red potatoes per person.

Put meat, quartered cabbage, halved potatoes in a large pot with just enough water to cover, season water with salt & pepper, bring to boil and boil until cabbage & potatoes are tender.
I like to add a little mustard seed to mine. I also leave the skins on my potatoes.
Now New England Boiled Dinner differs from a classic in that if features a wider array of root vegetables plus cabbage and either corned beef or beef brisket--but some kind of beef.

New England Boiled Dinner with corned beef,
cabbage, potato, rutabaga, carrots & beets.
New England Boiled Dinner
Meat: either Corned Beef or Beef Brisket (or other beef cut)

Green Cabbage, quartered
Red Potatoes, halved
PLUS one or more of the following:
*Whole Red Beets
*Rutabaga cut in large chunks
*Turnips, either whole or halved depending on size.
Same as for a classic boiled dinner, then boil till cabbage & root veggies are tender.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!


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