Mama Kat Thursday: Found It On Pinterest: Unshrink Clothes

Today's Mama Kat prompt is: "You saw it on Pinterest....does it really work?"
Saying, "I found this on  Pinterest," can be fatal words. 
Pinterest is sort of "caveat emptor" place and I've tried many Pinterest ideas, particularly for the garden that fell far short of expectations.
But today I have a winner: this Pinterest pin featured a whole bunch of fashion fixes including a recipe for how to "unshrink clothing."
I have a couple pair of 100% cotton knit pants that---despite all my care not to put them in the dryer--still ended up in the dryer anyway.
So I wanted to try this recipe on a favorite pair of brown knit pants I've had for several years that had gotten ridiculously high water.

Here's the recipe:
#1)  Fill a sink with lukewarm water. Add 1 cap full of Baby Shampoo, then put the clothing item you want to un-shrink in this soapy water.

#2)  Let the clothing item soak and gently work it through. The Baby Shampoo will relax the fibers.

#3)  Remove the clothing item from the water and gently squeeze it out. Do NOT rinse.

#4)  Spread a towel or towels out on the floor. Lay out your clothing item on the towel, then roll it up in the towel, letting the towel absorb excess moisture.

#5)  Unroll towel, remove clothing. Spread out a fresh dry towel  and lay clothing item out flat. Gently stretch the clothing item toward it's original length. If it's pants, then stretch the legs, etc. Do this several times while the clothing item is drying. Let it completely air dry.

That's the recipe.
 I did one thing differently: after the soak, I squeezed those pants out and put them in the washer just for a quick spin cycle to get all the water out, so I could skip having to roll them up. 
Then I spread the pants out flat on a towel on the garage floor and stretched on the legs.
It did help. Not perfect, but significantly better.
Those pants are on their 3rd wash since then and I'm continuing to dry them on a towel, gently pulling on each leg, continuing to stretch them, so they'll be better and better.

So, what was the last Pinterest thing you tried?
Thanks for visiting!


Jerralea said…
Wow, I didn't know that could be done! Thank you for sharing. I'm definitely bookmarking your page for later.
TMWHickman said…
This is actually a good tip. I can't tell you how many items I've accidentally "shrunk", mostly because I've got laundry ADHD. Now I have a rescue for it!
carol daniels said…
great tip! I think I'll try that, too.
May said…
I saw this and thought-no way! Good to know it worked for you.~May @ Achieving Clarity

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