Mama Kat Thursday: Quotables

The Mama Kat blog prompt suggestion for today is: "Share a Favorite Quote."

So here's another round of my favorite quotable quotes pulled my Pinterest "attic," where I keep lots of stuff--both useful and otherwise.

This quote tends to be true about me. 
Sometimes I have to remind myself not to over-indulge in trivia talk, especially if I'm with a crowd I know isn't interested, but give me someone interested in Marvel movie trivia and it's game on!

I love this one!
Somehow modern comedy & comedy writing has arrived at believing that funniness requires being foul-mouthed and lewd.

I like this one because I think the people who "don't back out" once they know you, whether you're weird or not, are the ones who really love you for who you are.
And those are the ones worth having.

This one makes me chuckle because it's so totally relatable.
I do this all the time.
Where else can I run around happily without make-up in my baggy sweats and old sweatshirt?


What's your favorite amusing quote?

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Unknown said…
My husband and I talk in movie/ tv quotes 99% of the time. I totally feel you on the Marvel trivia talk :)
carol daniels said…
So agree... "Vulgarity is no substitute for wit." I don't watch today's weekly comedy shows. I don't see anything to laugh at. Wish we could go back to the good old days!
TMWHickman said…
These days, I don't seem to care whether I'm at home or not, but I've given myself a pass for a few months. Once I finish all this cancer stuff and grow my hair back, I'll start caring!
Unknown said…
I'm with you on the second quote. Vulgarity is not and never will be funny.
KatBouska said…
That first quote about the random facts on tv shows I don't watch made me laugh out loud because I SO have that friend. I know exactly who you are. ;)
Spazington said…
Hahaha! Those are GREAT! I especially liked the wit one and the weird one 😊 and I LOVE the trivia you know about movies and TV shows! It brings a whole new depth to the things I watch...

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