Mama Kat Thursday: Worst Gift Ever

The Mama Kat topic for today is:
 "Share a story about the best or worst gift you ever received."

You wouldn't think chocolate could be a worst possible gift, but, in this case, it was.
It wasn't even wrapped. It was just a Dark Lindt Chile Chocolate bar that a guy from our singles Bible study handed me.
He was a regular at our Sunday night study, a Navy guy in the school for learning how to disarm explosive devices. He knew I fancied chocolate and he happened to fancy Lindt's spicy Chocolate Chile bar.

So, one evening at our on base Tuesday Bible Study, he called me aside and handed me one of these Lindt Chocolate Chile bars. "Here, this is for you," he said.
I said, "Thank you," accepted it and slipped it into my book bag to take home for later.
"No," he said, his face clearly displeased I'd dare keep it for myself.
"I want you to share it with everyone else."
What? You give me a gift, then instruct me on what you want done with?  I was shocked. Then angry and flustered and embarrassed.
That's just not proper gift-giving etiquette.
I mean, really, he could've broken it up and shared it with everyone else himself if that was what he wanted to do.
I didn't do what he wanted. Nor did I give the bar back.

I just slipped around it by saying Sunday night would be a better time and smaller crowd to share it with. 
I could tell he wasn't happy about it, but he'd lost control of the bar--it was in my book bag out of reach.

And I did share it with the Sunday night group---reluctantly cutting up the false gift into smaller pieces.
The whole deal left a bad taste in my mouth and I've never touched any kind of Lindt bar since--it would just bring back unpleasant memories.

So, yeah, that was the worst so-called gift I've ever received.
The best Christmas gift I ever received was a sterling silver Hershey Kiss necklace from my hubby that he actually bought in a jewelry store---officially the first piece of jewelry he'd ever purchased for me from a jewelry store ever.
What was the best or worst gift you've ever received?

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Amber said…
Yeah, I'd have to say that guy really didn't get the whole idea of what gift giving was supposed to be. Sorry it ruined that kind of chocolate for you. But the gift from your hubby... Awesome!
carol daniels said…
I'd have to agree with the worst gift ever! Who in the world does that? Glad to hear your hubby has made up for the gift of bad taste.

By the way, I did a post last week on drinking Tang as a child. After you asked if it was still around today, I had to check. Sure enough I found it at Sams Club while shopping with my daughter. I bought a large container and will serve it up Christmas Eve (maybe add some sprite to cheer it up). I can't wait to see the reaction my kids and grandkids faces! You have a Merry Christmas!
kayerj said…
😄 your husband is such a sweetly.
dbkeimach said…
That was so weird! I can't imagine what he was thinking when he gave the gift to you, but also gave you instructions on what to do with it. Sounds like your husband made up for it!
KatBouska said…
Next year I am totally mailing you a square from my chocolate Lindt bar.

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