Thursday, June 25

Mama Kat Thursday: Say What?

Today's Mama Kat blog writing topic is,
 "Write about something that made you laugh this week."

I call it audio auto-fill. You know like what your phone does, except this is what your brain does when your ears hear words you can't quite make out clearly, so your brain "fills" in with other words---sometimes with hilarious results.
Hubby and I have had two of those this past week:
We were eating dinner and I said, "Tomorrow I need to refill the bird feeder."
Hubby's  fork stopped in midair as he looked at me like a horn popped out of my forehead. "What did you say?" he asked.
I repeated.
He chuckled. "I thought you said you had to sell some beer tomorrow."

Another day we were eating lunch. Hubby likes to eat chocolate rice cakes with peanut butter and honey. Sometimes he makes a peanut butter rice cake sandwich with two rice cakes. I'd seen him slather one rice cake with peanut butter, then, when I looked again, it was gone and he was munching a plain chocolate rice cake.
"You didn't make a sandwich?" I asked.
"No, open face, " he replied.
Well, "open face," is not what I heard. My brain had done an auto-fill in.
I started laughing. So much so, I couldn't even repeat what I thought I heard. Finally, I choked it out, "Pokem face."

The 3rd hysterical moment this week was on Sunday night. This one wasn't mistake in hearing; it was a mistake in grammar, a dyslectic twist of words.
Hubby had the whole leadership team rolling with laughter.
The story went like this: last week Hubby drove down to the neighboring Air Force base in Panama City to attend a Bible Study being run there a young military guy on Associate Navigator Staff, whom I will call Kevin.  Hubby goes there about once a month to encourage him.
On this particular night, Kevin was talking about a Bible verse that says, "For now we see in a glass, but dimly..."
That's what Kevin meant to say, but that is not what Kevin actually did say.
What he did say was, "For now we see in a but glass, dimly..."
Apparently, everyone else's ears did an auto-correct and didn't notice, but Hubby noticed. It made him laugh so hard, tears came to eyes.Then he told us on Sunday night and made us cry, too, it was sooo funny.
That's this weeks laughs!
What was the last funny thing you thought someone said, but really didn't?

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Anonymous said...

Probably when I said "No thank you" to my wife when she said, "Can you make us some coffee." I thought she had offered me some. Oops.

Hilda said...

LOL, that happens to my family and me too! My brother calls us a bunch of deaf people. LOL!

Mama Kat said...

Hilarious! The longer my husband and I are married, the more we have moments like this too!

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