Friday Finds: Get Free Stuff for Your Birthday!

I don't know about you, but I love getting free Happy Birthday stuff in my email or in the mail from either restaurants and company's!
There's a few I already knew about like Panera Bread, who has a free birthday pastry for members, & Ruby Tuesday, who emails club members a coupon for a free birthday burger.
Then I found 
WHOLE lists of places to sign up with for Birthday Freebies!
So, today's "Find" is Birthday Freebie lists you can sign-up for:
 100 Birthday Freebies 
59 Birthday Freebies
There is an over-lap between the above lists on some of the offers, but also some differences, so both are worth looking over. A majority are restaurant food or desserts freebies for members. Some are just for kids. A few send actual products.

Do keep in mind that signing-up in any company or restaurant membership generally entails agreeing to them remaining in contact  with you via emails. 
(How else will your get your email coupon for your birthday freebie?)
Knowing that, I was selective with who I signed up with, choosing restaurant chains we enjoy that I wouldn't mind receiving coupon & promotional offers from.

(Note: I did sign up for Sephora and found out on my birthday they'll only send a free birthday gift with an additional purchase. I thought I'd get a free sample or something. Nope. And I did't get any free birthday offer from Longhorn or Outback or Applebees either. So it's hit or miss.)

Plus here's a few places not mentioned on the other lists that I like for getting Birthday Freebies from:
Chicken of The Sea:
 Join their club and they'll send you a $1.00 postcard coupon in the mail on your birthday for any Chicken of the Sea product. They also very often have sweepstakes and promotions, too.

Join their membership and they do different things for birthdays every year. Sometimes a sweepstakes. One year they sent a link for a choice of free things. If you're a member, you'll also get notified to sign up for receiving one of their free calendars!

Join their Dove Insider. For birthdays I have usually gotten a Birthday Month Sweepstakes offer, but what they actually do can vary year to year. 
Have a great weekend! See you Monday for Good Eating!


Unknown said…
J'aimerais recevoir des ÉCHANTILLONS GRATUIT.merci
This comment has been removed by the author.
translation of french is: I enjoy receiving free samples, thank you. I say, "Vous're bienvenue." (you're welcome.)

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