Garden Pic Wednesday: Garden Views

 It's the 3rd week of "Between the Lines" featuring lady Bloggers age 50 or older sharing about how & why they got into blogging!

Katherine has created special photo collages about each bloggers along with a short interview about each that you can read here.
Plus here's 3 of the featured Blogger posts that I liked:
Remember, it will be my turn on May 10th!
Today I had breakfast at the new Panera Bread that's close to us now, then went over to a Nail Spa in the nearby plaza to get a Pedicure. I like to do that in spring at the start of sandal season, then do my own pedi's after that. 

My flower beds are fairly exploding with spring bloom--especially since the orange native Day Lilies have started! 
So today's Garden Pics are views from around the Garden:

My Front Flower Bed
I've done shots of pieces of it, but this is the whole thing. It sits between the driveway & the sidewalk, so it's the first thing people see when they arrive.

And the Splendid View I See Out My Sliding Glass Door:
The bird feeder hangs here among the lovely native Day Lilies!

That's it for today! Be sure and stop back for Mama Kat!


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