Garden Pic Wednesday: The Garden Visitor & Other Photos

Last week for the Between The Lines series featuring women bloggers over 50!
You can view the interviews with all of them & the linky list, here.
My favorite was
Mama's Little Treasures, which belongs to Nina, who is part of a group publishing a quarterly online Christian magazine called "Ruby For Women." They take contributions, so it could be a writing opportunity. You can view their interests & submissions guide, here.
To read my Between the Lines guest post from last week about how I got into blogging, go here.
Today's Garden Pics:
The Garden Visitor:
This most beautiful neighbor cat occasionally visit to enjoy sitting among the day lilies below my bird-feeder. She (or he) is all white except for touches of orange tabby on the face, legs and tails. And  blue eyes. First blue-eyed cat I've ever personally seen. Large, too. Maybe 14-16 pounds, sleek and healthy looking. She promptly leaves if I come outside and goes back over the fence, back home to some residence on the street behind.
 I took this shot from inside the house through the glass sliding door. It was dusk, too.
Squirrels often nose around on the ground below the feeder and I suspect that's what she's hoping for, since I've found a half-eaten squirrel carcass in my yard. since I've started spotting her around.
Gorgeous cat. I love seeing her.
(Birds are hard to catch, but if she caught any I wouldn't care. It's just the cycle of life.)

A Beautifully Loaded Hydrangea!
This beauty is directly opposite my front door and, finally, is covered with heads! Blue so far, though it often it's bi-color and will throw up some pink blooms. I finally learned the secret to getting a good looking Hydrangea is not to cut on them past July.

Happy Tomato Plants!
I don't know what I did right, but these two tomato plants are doing just fantastic! (At least till summer heat & humidity kick in.) The one on the left is actually a Yellow tomato; the one on the right is a Roma or Italian tomato that's good for sauce making. The Roma came as 3 stems in 1 container, so I got a deal! I just planted them as they were, since they were so intertwined. The yellow is needing a lot of tying up!

That's it for today!
Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow where the topic will be "if I could have a role on a TV show, which would it be?"


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