Garden Pic Wednesday: The Unexpected

Today's Garden project was doing clean-up in the back area under the maple tree, moving a couple Lantana's to sunnier locations & tying up various things that would otherwise be flopping over: trumpet lilies, dusty miller, hardy hibiscus, climbing roses, tomatoes & the butterfly bush.
The trumpet lilies (Easter lilies) can sometimes be top heavy and those that want to lean too far out along the sidewalk need tying up to keep them out of the way.
Trumpet lilies are very fragrant. The evening air was rich with their scent when we came home last night!

There is always something unexpected to be found in a Garden!
My Garden Pics for today include two recent surprises:

The Red Rose that Bloomed Pink:
This climbing rose is red. I'
ve had it for 15 years. It has always bloomed red.  This year, it puts up one branch of light pink. Surprise.

The Contrary Christmas Cactus:
I have a Christmas Cactus in a container that I set outside in the shade once the whether gets nice. Normally, it sets buds in late October, when days are getting long on darkness and short on daylight. Despite the fact the days are long on daylight and it ought not be inclined to set buds, this little guy decided he was going to set two buds anyway and have a bit of May bloom. Go figure.

Be sure and stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat! I'll be revealing a 7th grade memory!


Amy Johnson said…
Such pretty flowers! What a surprise to have pink rose blooms this year instead of red!

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