Garden Pic Wednesday: Dragonflies & Sunflowers!

September is Dragonfly season in North Florida! They're flying about everywhere! Good news is they're predators to other flying insects, like mosquitoes so you want them around!

A Dragonfly Close-Up
This fellow happen to perch on an onion blade in a container garden on the patio just outside my sliding glass door, a few feet away. I caught this shot right through the glass, which is amazing since the glass wasn't crystal clean or anything.This is a young male Slaty Skimmer.  

Here's a couple photos from the wedding we attended in New Jersey in August:
It was an outdoor wedding and Sunflowers were the bride's flower of choice. She purchased them from local farms and arranged simple stems of one or two in glass vases everywhere. She also picked seasonal road side wild flowers to put in other vases.
Very rustic. Probably the most creative, colorful wedding flowers I've ever seen used!

The Bride and Groom: Chris & Kayla
Chris is an upstanding Christian young man who was part of our Single' s Ministry here at Eglin for quite a few years. He's in the Air Force assigned in the northeast.
Kayla just graduated art school as an art teacher. She was a leader in her campus Intervarsity ministry all her years there and is a delightful young lady we enjoyed talking with! She even invited us to lunch when she came down to visit her active duty sister one time! 
They're both amazing!

Roadside Flowers:
Wild Queen Anne's Lace and wild type of Liatris filled mixed clear vases, both with Sunflowers and alone, everywhere: along the rows of chairs and on the reception tables under the nearby tent!
Kayla said she paid special attention last year to what was growing wild in New Jersey in August, so she would know exactly what to pick! Clever girl.

Mix & Match Table Arrangements:
Every table had a different mix of assorted glass vases of sunflowers and wild flower centered on a log round, such as this.
Kayla also made ample artistic use of wood palettes she painted bible verses on that were scattered through-out the grounds.

Unfortunately, because we had to leave before the pie was served in order to reach our next destination in a timely manner.
Yes, this was a "no wedding cake" wedding! Chris dislikes cake. So that had all sorts of pies and an also an Upside Down Key Lime cake, Kayla said.
Now that's thinking outside the box! 


Unknown said…
Wow, this is amazing Bev! We are so happy you had a wonderful time -- thank you for all of your kind words. It meant so much to us that you both were able to make it to New Jersey for our very special day.
- Kayla

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