Garden Pic Wednesday: New Trellis & Benefits of Gardening!

The Old Trellis
It held up many years, but termites got the better of it and recent wind gusts simply toppled it flat, even snapping off the climbing rose's gnarled stem that was above soil level. It's on the table here, because I need to finish removing the coated rose wire from it.

The New Trellis:
Classic fan shape in black metal with nice large spaces to make tying rose stems easy. This view is the northwest corner of my house, which tends to get gusts from passing rain storms. The trellis has lines & stakes on front & back to assure it will stay upright.
The rose could use a fresh start.
It should spring fresh growth up over winter. I added rose fertilizer and some fresh soil to it.

I've read an article here and there on the health benefits of gardening, which includes all lawn care, flower beds, veggie gardens large or small and even container gardening on a balcony or patio, so here's a general list:

1)  It's an opportunity for creativity.
Since you choose colors and plants, decide where to plant them and how to arrange them in the bed or container in a eye-pleasing manner. You may even choose fun accents to add ranging from stones to ceramic figures to broken plates and teacups.

2)  Digging in the dirt, planting things and watching them grow is a form of healthy play. It also lowers stress & helps relieve anxiety.
That gardening or just being in the outdoors for 30 minutes has been tested and proven to significantly reduce the stress hormone "cortisol."

There is also a harmless, healthy, naturally-occurring bacteria dirt that actually increases the release of "feel good" hormones in our brains, so digging around in the dirt tends can make you literally feel happier.

3)  Watching something you've planted grow, bloom and even make a flower for your table or a fruit or vegetable to eat gives the satisfaction of a sense of accomplishment.
  Gardening is a mood lifter. Being outside in fresh air and sunshine, accomplishing something can drive away the blues. 
It's a fantastic feeling to say," I grew the Oregano we're eating in tonight's spaghetti sauce!"

4)  Gardening is great exercise.
It's low-key, yet has stretching, bending and strength building qualities you might not even notice. It's fun and easy to do at your own convenience.
 Raking, mowing, weeding, even digging a hole for a new flower plant with a trowel gets the blood moving. 
As a result, people who garden also tend to sleep better.

5)  Gardening has proven good for your Brain & Life.
In studies, people who garden have a lower risk for dementia and those with a lot of greenery surrounding them, whether outside or inside, live longer.
There is a harmless, healthy naturally-occurring bacteria in the lives in soil that increases the release of "feel good" hormones in our brains. 

6)  People who garden are more likely to enjoy eating a wide variety of veggies and fruits and, as a result, tend to eat healthier.
I do remember my Mom had a huge veggie garden and I ate all sorts of things, so I think that's true.

Really just about any activity that puts you outside in fresh air and nature will have similar benefits, though I think the "feel good," to be gotten from digging in the soil and that sense of accomplishment from growing something beautiful or edible is unique to gardening.


Nikki said…
I love your new trellis! It is a pretty update for your sweet rose.
:) gwingal

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